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cascade.volcano-300x196The Cascade Volcano & The  Inner Earth

WATER-FALL VOLCANO AND interior of the Earth by JE
The volcano and inner hull of the Earth by J.

VOLCANO cascade and the Inner Earth by JE face the Volcano and the inner hull of the Earth by J. Given  Cascade Range volcano eruption around 2011 is an opportunity for the world, or most modern disaster in terms of how they met and treated.

As predicted by the King of Agartha Inner Earth 2011 will be a start time of the great wars. But this is not really a prediction made by the King of Agartha, but rather the plan for the Earth and the contribution of Agartha to protect the people of the Earth’s surface from 2012 solar activity.

Volcanoes are natural phenomena in any inhabited planet but rather the result of men of tunnels and caverns of the massive expansion of Middle-earth for other growing populations. This expansion is underway and results occasionally in great damage to the surface of the Earth when the melt flows explode violently in a volcanic mountain connected. Or when volcanoes erupt in areas already populated the surface of the Earth.

THE-CASCADE-VOLCANO-EARTH-300x193 But the volcano in 2011 in the Cascade Mountains is the planned expansion of Middle-earth Agartha for the additional people coming to the surface. It is an opportunity for the surface Earth to add additional mass particulate matter into the upper atmosphere by 2012. The additional particulate material help protect Earth from coronal mass ejections in 2012 to soften the negative effects of this time.

Most of all particles high to protect the Earth will be released into the atmosphere immediately after each massive volcanic eruption, but the huge lower level ash cloud will be very detrimental to the populations of the area if nothing takes out to end it or washing of the lower atmosphere. The sunlight and reduce crop damage worldwide extreme will occur if nothing is done. Then the great wars for resources and food eruption the world will be at perpetual war for years to come as a massive famine began throughout the world.

But the world can use this massive cloud of ash less than to heal the Earth if they are prepared and understand that this is an opportunity and a worldwide disaster. A huge fleet of planes Chemtrail we already have available can be used to spray fresh water on the cloud of ash that shot down over farmlands and forests to re-mineralize the soil of the earth. The volcanic soil of Hawaii today are like the most fertile soils on Earth because the soils are of volcanic origin, with large reserves of minerals and nutrients.

Large ash clouds into the oceans can be brought down by planes with remineralizing seawater to the oceans and create a large sequesters carbon increases the massive growth in all oceans of volcanic ash. Thus, the ash clouds from volcanoes Land can revitalize and heal in a short period of time rather than for many years and decades. And instead of the big wars that only a few wars can have local food and water to avoid starvation.

When large fields of wheat and corn in Canada and America have been for many years the world die of hunger. This is the beginning of starvation but also large change our ways to eat on Earth now a vegetarian existence. For agriculture around the world also will be greatly reduced by several years of reduced sunlight. All world leaders should immediately understand that in order to prevent mass starvation worldwide all livestock must finish most immediate and feed the cattle slaughtered for food range and preserve.

Grains now should be used only for people to eat to prevent mass starvation in the world most countries. And the beans should only be cultivated by people not to eat food for fuel or animal. This is what to do and what to do now so that mass starvation is avoided worldwide on Earth and wars are very soft finish. Since it is the fear of war and hunger that feeds on war and more and more devastating to humanity. When people see that we can survive on a diet vegetarian grains and vegetables then the war will end soon.

Life is what happens in the future, about what we can do about it. We can all survive the many trials of man come, but we have to do the right thing and the wisest thing is not the easiest way of action or doing nothing. Life is not about making the tough decisions for other people, but to make the hard decisions for ourselves and do the right thing though is the most difficult to do. Only the leaders of the wisdom and strength can do this for the people. It is the reason of their own experiences that they have chosen.

Joseph – About the author:

Ante, graduated from the University of Indianapolis, 1972 BA, Head of Life Sciences Institute Library of Health , original organizer of Earth Day in 1970 and ZPG local chapter in Indiana, Editor of Population and Environment in the spotlight at the University of Indianapolis, 12yr organic gardener with fruits, nuts, and berries, students lifetime techniques outside the spiritual body. (

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 Posted on : July 28, 2011

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  1. VisionsGreen says :

    we have pilot documents.. how they seed the clouds.. how many times and for how many YEARS. We are uploading all of it to our site as I write this. It will be up by tomorrow! Along with pictures that the PILOTS have taken themselves.

  2. 911PLANET says :

    @greenback001 Everything we gave the EPAC is at my website ” SAIVE . COM”

  3. MELISSA84008 says :

    @MELISSA84008 ….also watch here on YT: ‘EPA meets with Chemtrail Activist ” …..

  4. MELISSA84008 says :

    chemtrailsky(dot)com AND dontchemtrailmebro(dot)com

  5. freedomdefender10 says :

    Google Orgonite – Thousands of people are making chembusters made from orgonite and half the time the “Contrails” you think you are seeing are actually chemtrails being broken down. Contrails are pretty rare. Chemtrails are everywhere but orgonite works 100% check out my videos.

  6. shovado1976 says :

    Not sure if I trust the EPA either… seemed like they were just trying to smooth it over so they could get rid of you. They have to know the chemicals are in the soil everywhere… but not telling it. Their days will be numbered. Budget cuts are coming there way…. makes you wonder why as they have mentioned getting rid of the program. They speak up, it will be gone.

  7. shovado1976 says :

    If you type in Chemtrails what in the world are they sprayingand go the 1 of 7 videos byequapioEnglish’s Channelyou will see the proof is there and test have been run all over the world. What more do they need. People are tired of getting sick after their area has been sprayed. St. louis area gets it quite frequently and was very heavy on Feb. 13Th and 15th or 16th. We never get a nice day as they spray and the haze blocks the sun.

  8. jillanthrophy says :

    looking good!

  9. Awesome guys!!!! This EPA guy asks for specific questions. Yeah so he can cover up the real answers. His attempt to debunk the chemtrail conspiracy is lame at best. Visual evidence answers most of the questions. Chemtrails here today gone tomorrow and then here again for one. Weather patterns being changed. and on and on. whats to say the data is not supressed or corrupted?

  10. Awesome guys!!!!

  11. Key-Particulate (dust) the longer the cloud haze whatever hangs about the more nuclei req in particulate form. Not water, 5*

  12. soleprobe says :

    Great Job… it’s a good start

  13. MadsenRockSchool says :

    Good job.

  14. g0sth4ck3d says :

    I have faith that the guy in the glasses and sweater is a total idiot.


    very good starting point here,i had this idea for research on chemtrails for years:

    Someone should compare atmospheric temperature and condition on days that chemtrails appear in sky VS days that real contrail are observe, so that way we could prove that chemtrails do not take shape by natural means

  16. ihatechemtrails says :

    Valiant effort! let’s see if they do anything about it.

  17. TheAnswerto1984is says :

    Bob Tuskin is my hero…

  18. cedarvalley says :

    Their spraying “Shocking Blue exracts” mind control pharma elements and cancer causing agents that affect people 50+ They want to get rid of the older people cause it’s too much of a problem to take care of them as there are too many baby boomers now headed for social security. The government doesn’t have the money. So this is one way to take care of the problem. That’s why lung cancer is sky rocketing even in people who never smoked.

  19. BackInsight says :

    One has to pin those double speak beauracrats down. They have spoken with a forked tongue for so long they must be pinned down and forced to stay on topic.

  20. OdinsHenchman says :

    One person has been overcome by Chemtrails…. 63 others are awake or awakening

  21. Its Al-Qaeda… shoot them down

  22. downlowfunk says :

    At some point you realize life is too short to complain about the Illuminati’s spray program. You’re not privileged to know move on.

  23. lookatthewholething says :

    No CIA infiltration here.Go about your business. Nothing of any significance here.

  24. docmontauk says :

    The guy with the glasses and the maroon sweater is a know-it-all cocksucker.

  25. spacekimono says :

    not for what he Says, amazing job there… just saying first response

  26. Thank you for another informative site. The place else may I get that type of information written in such a perfect way?
    I have a mission that I’m simply now operating on, and I have been
    on the glance out for such info.

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