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Global-March-Against-chemtrails-and-geoenginering-300x253 Support Global march Against Chemtrails and   Geoengineering


When: January 25 2014

Place: They are close place by your city check this map:

Please Join the march against chemtrails

Geoengeenering not cooled the planet.

• chemtrails accelerate global warming.

•chemtrails absorb moisture to create artificial clouds.

• chemtrails are blocking the rains in California.

•With the scattering of particles in the atmosphere have increased respiratory diseases, such as Asthma

•Recently has increased the birth of children with autism 1 in 6 children are born show symptoms of autism.
If you do nothing, nothing will change.

urgently require our governments to stop chemtrails.

if you’re not interested make it happen  for your children or grandchildren.

Be actively involved in the march against chemtrails Geoengeenering.We must organize peacefully. PEACEFULLY is the operative word. If these many-pronged aerosol attacks by military and commercial planes can spray these horrific toxins on us, year after year with impunity –against all laws– then it is absolutely imperative that we organize peacefully. We must use the Internet and our peaceful intellectual powers to come together and shut this nightmare down. It is possible to do this.” Yes it its. yes we can!!

Please look at the following video to awaken consciousness, and realize the serious problem


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 Posted on : January 23, 2014

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  1. What I find interesting is they have not been spraying as much the last year and ouila, a normal rain cycle. Two or three years ago I called the Beale Air Force to complain about the spraying they were spraying so much and they thought it was funny and said call Ag. (I live in a farming area small rural community near Beale. I knew Beale would deny and act like I was crazy but I called anyway. And now I have been paying particular attention because I have apparently leaky roofs. And the last year, I have not seen the chemtrails as much.

  2. I thought you would like to know, it looks like you’ve misspelled the word “goverment” on your website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site’s credibility. In the past I’ve used a tool like to keep mistakes off my website.

    -Scott Matthews Sr.

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