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Sky Chemtrail conspiracy

Chemtrail Conspiracy: Topic especially for this post. Today Sunday, August 21,
I am writing this post from the city of Escondido  south California.
During this day the sky has been sprayed in a very drastically.
I not have an idea why most people still do not realize..

Is it for our consciousness?

We are sleeping? And, we are becoming less aware of what is happening around us?

Is it because chemical (chemtrail) immerses us in our unconscious?

Why are spraying our skies in extreme proportions?

They want to block radiation from Nibiru?

Want to stop global warming?

Or they are trying to reduce the population by releasing chemicals into the atmosphere?
There are so many questions on the issue, since they keep secret.
*The chemtrail project*

However, in this post I will give you valuable information that is not yet fully available else where
… And how I get this information on my hands..?

Reasons of credibility
Briefly explain the reasons you give credibility to what I posted, I have more than 1 year
searching this information, since I observe the atmosphere and learned from other Internet media
about the chemtrails, because the TV news has been   manipulated by not revealing this information.

I focus more attention on what happens in our environment, I am informed
On the global crisis and possible collapse of the global economy
For over 5 years and between the 1980’s I studied the esoteric science

I finally realize that all the pieces are part of the same  puzzle
According to my opinion that conclusions give a lot of information to write a single article.

The chemtrails can block 10% rays
After spraying our skies are time intervals breaks more or less reasonable
May be some days or weeks.
During the spraying time the skies start getting artificial clouds but after a few hours attract real clouds
Clouds are forming when is possible to condense the water in our atmosphere. temperature cools, I think part of this project.
Chemtrails ( been applying to modify the weather , however I do not think

this is the only intention.  Continue reading…

Many Scientists test the results after strong spraying, and they found on lakes and  rain

The chemicals contamination. barium aluminum and other contaminants

Applying chemtrais in sky partially block the rays
Other reasons could be to apply soothing achieve appease
the souls of mankind. Due to the high energy emitted by our sun
think and create various scenarios and some say it is due to the approach
Nibiru. I cannot say that this is the reason.

But there is a reason that solar storms are generated which has
The power to change the climate and life on our earth.
The Chemtrails project  may well be trying to block that energy flow we receive from our sun
If we pay special attention after applying the chemical to the atmosphere calms down a bit
The people.

All energy received from the cosmos and especially our sun can be prosecuted for good,
Or worse… The energy might be possible to harness the energy building systems that bring the water-sea to the desert
And  heated and separate the salt from the water and to take advantage of the desert temperature  fertile

instead of creating more wars.  install power solar plants to  generate clean energy,  we have so many

sources, the life is so generous  there is plenty abundance for everyone instead of  shortage

the actual system is used to create   poverty  to profit from natural resources.

Chemtrails and the End of an Era
According to the Mayan predictions we are entering a period of great change
The Mayans predicted the end of a cycle some have interpreted as the end of the world.
I do not want to be as dramatic and create more panic, there is a great responsibility in the word
rather I focus this prediction to a cycle, the end of a reign, the end of an era. (Age)
The Pisces Age is coming to an end the Solar system entering a new era, the era of Aquarius. The Aztecs

symbolize with a snake biting its tail. This new age going to bring great changes to make Us to awaken.
It is predicted that this change is underway at the beginning to a stage where there will be peace for 1000

years see the prophecies of Nostradamus.

Since we are in a period which will be felt more energy from the central sun of the galaxy
because our solar system crossed by a halo of light energy and are not prepared
to absorb this energy to receive more violent we become desperate not knowing how to transmute
When applied to the chemtrail over our skies (skychemtrails) relaxes and gives pleasant, for that reason I would be applying
Some kind of chemistry between those and much of who follow this kind of information we know that among the chemicals listed are:
barium aluminio.arsenio, there is more chemical but is not fully  prove it.

Solar Storms
One of the reasons for applying chemtrais in our skies is due to staining and storms
Solar has discovered the great influence of the sun on earth and we noticed
That the place where a sun spot appears, over the  earth can happen some activate  at the same spot  equivalent

in proportion to scale,
The Maya and the great cultures of the past we were taught that there is a connection to the universe and therefore we are

part of it and the part of us.

Chemtrails might be applied to block the sun’s influence on the earth. On places where there
High risk of earthquakes.
It is expected an active solar period in mid-September this year in September 2011
During those dates and periods of high solar activity do not forget to pay attention to the skies to see if
They are spraying your city “sky chemtrails.”

Chemtrais are applied to reduce the population?
A lot of people think that part of the plan to spread these chemicals into the air is to decrease
Population I dare say that this planned that way, but if I noticed that recently have been increased disease deaths

I can safely say that these chemicals necessarily bring their long-term consequences. one like
The wisdom of nature can naturally create the necessary elements to support life
We have already noticed that all artificially created by man has harmed the health and the environment
They have an example where science seeds modified to make them more immune to the pesticide product I
These seeds although they have solved the problem of famine, has also harmed human health

Today more people are inclined to organic products in quotes because so spraying of our skies
[Chemtrails over the sky] may not be completely organic products due to the unnatural spread of these chemicals
On our planet except for China and Russia, countries where their governments have not allowed the spraying of the skies.

By writing this information, based on what I’ve been watching for a long time or learned from others I not want be negative I prefer

To keep neutral and you decide. Take your conclusions write me your opinion.

You Are very welcome to express anonymous or proudly with your name or website.


Will  expands human knowledge with the contribution of each and every one of us..

You are free to  share this article but is not permitted to  change the content

Sky Chemtrais Conspiracy *written  by  Bernabe Arias.* I Apology for my mistakes but the English  is not my primary language

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 Posted on : September 7, 2011

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