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Is-Typhoon-Haiyan-a-Result-of-Geoengineering-300x222 Is Typhoon Haiyan a Result of Geoengineering

One of the most devastating, heart broking and the worst typhoon ever recorded in the Philippine history was Typhoon Haiyan, with a local typhoon name, Yolanda.
The Philippine President, Benigno Aquino Jr. made a state of the nation address in order to prepare the Filipino people in a life threatening typhoon, but that warning did not save everyone’s lives.

More than a ten thousand of people are dead, and the count is still getting higher. Many people lost their house, livelihood, business and other properties.
There was no communication satellite and there is a danger of widespread diseases due to the number of dead bodies around the whole region.

People were evacuated for the fear of flash flood and strong rain. They go to the evacuation center to find for refuge, but that did not save them… Many people died in the evacuation center because they were drowned not because they were hit by flying objects or falling debris.

The local government did not fully understood what is the real meaning of storm surge or it is true that they did not expect a great disaster like that because it was not at all natural, Was a manipulated weather event?

Everyone assumed that it is only a little bit stronger than the usual storm signal number three in the Philippines that’s why they only asked those people living within the coastal regions with houses built of lightweight materials to evacuate and move away from the ocean shores.

All of the people with houses built with strong materials were allowed to be inside their homes. Nobody knew that the disaster would result like that, nobody would ever imagine that a storm surge could result in a six meter high flash flood in just a matter of few hours which submerged the whole island.
The Philippine Islands surrounded by seas and oceans was very prone to different typhoons. In fact, before a year comes to an end, there are more than twenty typhoons already passed in the Philippines.

The typhoons are always named in Alphabetical order and if you have noticed the name given to storm surge, her name already begins with letter “Y,” which was Yolanda.


What could be the reason behind this disaster? Could it be an exceptional destructive result of geoengineering chem-trailing and Haarp? Could it be just one of the most devastating results of fertilizing the oceans Geoengineering chemtrail change the normal pattern of weather?

In places where there was a plenty of rain, now, they are experiencing drought. In hot and arid Arab countries like Saudi Arabia where they used to be a really hot desert, with a very small rainfall are now also experiencing unusual life threatening floods.

They never experience things like this before that’s why their countries are not protected from a possible modified weather attack in the future Typhoon Haiyan could also be the result of weather control or modification experiments patented in the United States where they deprived their rainfall while sending the heavy rainfall and typhoons in the east especially, the Philippines.

Unusual floods and typhoons happened in the Philippines where the west there was an unusual drought. Ever since they introduce the use of geoengineering to fertilize the ocean in the Philippines, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, there were too many catastrophic events that have taken place and the events are getting worse and “worser”.

You can see the geoengineering projects around the world map here  •Geoengineering chemtrailing• is a technique use by the elites to control the population and inflict damage to humankind?

In a book written by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages, which was written back in the 1970’s It was stated that there will be a technique to modify the weather, it can prolonged rain or provide stormy weather to attack and weaken its competitor Could it be the start of weather modification? Not just to prolong periods of storms but also to inflict surge storms which had never happened before? Is this one of the geoengineering experiments or testing to find if the results are already successful and can be used in the very near future or present?

Typhoon Haiyan continued it’s wreath to neighboring countries. It did not stop in the Philippines it doesn’t it weaken after the landfall and after passing through the several mountains like many other strong typhoons. Indeed they were very successful in their purpose. Weather modification? Human population control?

Written by: pinkcattleya

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 Posted on : November 10, 2013

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