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Chemtrails The true Global warming

Global warming has been one of the most controversial topics of the last decade  so It is becoming more and more undetectable that there is such a thing as global warming with the change it weather patterns all across the world.
One of the most recently talked about topics in climate change is the However, this streaks have changed over time lingering in the sky for a longer time than was the case in the previous decades.

This lead to theories emerging with the most sensible explanation which was that this lingering streak contains chemical or biological components.
These agents are believed to be a part of the Secret government’s attempt to take advantage of the contrails phenomenon to release other substances to the atmosphere.

These theorists believe that these chemical or biological agents that caused the chemtrails were an attempt at geoengineering. If so then this attempts at regulating the climate of the planet are not having the desired effect on our planet as they are continuing to foster global warming.
Geoengineering which is to manipulate the environmental processes that affect earth’s Weather uses heavy metals and chemical aerosols.

This process increases the levels of greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide, methane gas, Chlorofluorocarbons, hydrofluorocarbons and nitrous oxide in the atmosphere and in turn these gases increase the earth’s atmospheric temperature.

This phenomenon is what is so commonly referred to as global warming evidence of global warming is being witnessed all around the world with an increase of natural disasters which a majority of are linked directly to global warming. The global climate is a connected system. Therefore, the changes in weather are felt throughout the world.

Hurricanes and typhoons, heat waves and drought, cyclones and torrential downpours have become more and more severe in recent years.

An increase in Earthquakes and Volcanic eruptions can also be attributed to climate change. This two might seem an odd pairing but a recent study has suggested that there is a correlation between earthquakes and climate change. It does not take a much to set off earthquakes; they occur when there is an increase in the atmospheric pressure, this increase is caused by an increase in the atmospheric temperature.

Unsurprisingly, the scope of the climatic change has hit hard since the effects of this ongoing catastrophe have started affecting the environment as well. With changing weather comes a shift in some of the planet’s ecosystems. Fish in the sea have begun migrating looking for colder waters which suit them, plants such as maize and rice that are finding dry conditions difficult to grow in have stopped flourishing in such areas; along the equator for instance, due to an increase in the temperature The population of pests has increased due to the rise in temperature and diseases that once only existed in a few areas in the tropics have spread to places that had not seen its cases before.

Once we as human beings get the actual scope of things we will be shocked at how far we have let it come and by then it might be too late to do anything to reverse the situation. We therefore owe it to this planet to lobby against chemtrails in an effort to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases that have so many undesired effects on planet earth.

Conclusion by  the Autor

When someone is worried about something simple Personal, I let him know that if he knew the truth about our Earth and how vulnerable we are would have a valid reason to worry. But most humans are so selfish that they only care about themselves.

If only we were more sensitive to the natural phenomena that are occurring we would understand the great events that are to come. Why the mainstream media not reporting? Why the nations has been experimenting with bombs? Why nuclear plants are used to generate energy, when we can harness the energy of the sun and the tides.

California produces so much solar energy that it has to be delivered to other states almost for free. We could expose thousands of reasons but I not want make this subject longer.

In conclusion at the end we will find that every event is due to an effect and everything points to what we do in our sandglass the time is running out in the end all the events and disasters that come are the cause of having made mistakes don’t knowing how to live in this paradise That they take care of those great brains that were behind this erroneous decisions because their secret society could do nothing for them, they could not flee to other dimensions or planets and they are condemned to be enslaved on that planet (Nibiru Bernard Hercolobus) that approaches our solar system, No matter if you do not believe it does not matter.

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