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evergreen.has_.a.contract.to_.spead_.chemtrail-300x193 Evergreen Has A Contract To Spread Chemtrails?

Currently, the world is on the verge of serious risks in case it fails to do something about climate change.

In fact, this is one of the conditions that is giving several nations sleepless nights since finding the ideal

solution for the global climate change crisis has not been achieved. Climate change may not be able

to sound a warning to the ears of most people. However, after going through some of the risks that it

pauses to the planet, one can be able to easily understand the need to reverse the condition.

Most people might have an idea about Chemtrails while others may also not know what it truly is.

evergreen.chemtrail Chemtrails are chemicals that are sprayed by the use of aircrafts in the atmosphere to help in averting

climate change. The process is aimed at artificially modifying the climate systems of the earth through

the use of reflective nano-materials that are commonly known as aerosols. The Chemtrails are used to reflect sunlight. They are dispersed using jet aircrafts that penetrate right into the clouds. The reflective

materials of choice that is used in Chemtrailing is aluminum. However, apart from the modification of the

climatic condition of the earth, Chemtrails are also intended at ensuring instant weather changes including

intense droughts and famines that have brought down a variety of nations on their knees pleading for aid.

On the other hand, aerosols can also be used in chemical and biological warfare. This alone, has rendered

the process of modifying the climate systems of the earth as weapon of destruction.

Chemtrail research has always been surrounded with mixed reactions from citizens with a great number

of people condemning it. This even got worse when the government failed to come clear on the agency that

had been contracted to spread Chemtrails with the Air Force denying that it is not in any way involved in

chemtrail research. Even to date, most people still cannot believe that the government is involved in

Chemtrailing and even went ahead in contracting Evergreen Aviation on the same.

This involvement of the government in this harmful exercise has been met with strong opposition from the public who are of the opinion that the US government want to take control of the planet without considering the lives of its citizens that are at stake as a result of Chemtrails.

After Evergreen Aviation admitted to having been contracted by the USAF to effect the chemtrail program, results from the CIA and FBI have pointed out that the jets belonging to Evergreen Aviation fly out of Pinal Airfield also known as the Evergreen Air in Arizona. Besides, there are also four planes that fly out of the air national guard at Lincoln Nebraska with unknown number flying out of Fort Sill Oklahoma. The step into admitting the contract to spread Chemtrails by Evergreen is a confirmation that geo-engineering is exists even though the government still insists that it dies not. The only question that needs to be answered by the contractor is that is Chemtrailing aimed at cooling the earth as it is said or merely to control the weather over an enemy? Written by: Peninna


Evergreen Has A Contract To Spread Chemtrails?

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 Posted on : April 26, 2012
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