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Edward-Snowden-The-Chemtrails-Revelations-300x257 Edward Snowden & The Chemtrails Revelations

How he Came About The Intelligence. Edward Snowden had a long tenure with both the NSA and the CIA,and is an accomplished hacker.

These prominent American agencies are tasked with handling very sensitive information on issues that not only affect the U.S., but also the rest of the world. During this time, he had unrestricted access to the top secret areas of the cloud that makes up the internet, not to mention numerous classified files.

Snowden started leaking some of the intelligence contained in these files, to the Guardian, on May 2013.

According to Edward Snowden, the U.S. Government and the jet – fuel companies have liaised to introduce a program that would see the modification of the global weather in favor of the agriculture. This will be effected through the distribution of chemical trails in the atmosphere, by jets as they ply their flight routes.

The system works in a manner that sees to it that a benevolent effort to counter the change of climate is applied passively in the air.

The chemical trails, or chemtrails, are mainly fluoride based and some have trace cancer – causing elements. The areas over which the chemicals are sprayed are supposedly lightly populated. Consequentially, weather patterns are influenced by the sustained chemical concentration and chain reactions in the upper layers of the atmosphere. This paints a bleak picture for some adversely affected regions. For instance, the Sub – Saharan desertification may be accelerated by these actions. Some Eastern coasts may also begin witnessing violent storms.

In addition, the carcinogens contained in the chemtrails may start affecting the light populations over which they were spread. This means more cancer incidences for these people.

The Edward Snowden & the chemtrails revelations give some damning evidence against some notable corporations. One of these is Monsanto, whose influence and aided the government using a a secret Geo-engineering laboratory christened Muad’Dib. Another such organization, or rather a government project, is the assortment of the Alaska based laboratories which have been performing cutting edge research that is aimed at implementing the directives that against those who are Opposed to the system.

geoengineering-chemtrail-300x180 The credibility of this information has faced intense scrutiny and criticism. Indeed currently, Snowden is on the run from and facing espionage charges from the U.S. Government. Numerous noble authorities have stepped forward and faulted his statements and the leaks in general. Perhaps the most apprehensive and frightfully anti -human dignity fact is the element of truth that comes with the revelations.

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 Posted on : August 15, 2013

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  1. Liz Howard says :

    I have seen Chemtrails in Maryland through out Baltimore and Howard County

  2. This going on in Maryland right now. The home of Ed Snowden, former whistleblower and NSA contractor.

    Chemtrails are spewed over residential neighborhoods and even at public library in Howard County, Maryland.

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