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the.first_.city_.free_.of_.chemtrails-300x255 “The First City Free of Chemtrails”

Berkeley, California as the First City Free of Chemtrails.

Berkeley is the city in California that be the first city free of chemtrails…

Berkeley city council called for a resolution that says that the space above their

city is a zone free of weapons and supports the Law sky preservation.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is the one who introduced the law along with colleagues from

preservation agreement sky. Finally on September 10, 2002, applies Resolution # 61744 states

that the space-based weapons-free zone covering the space 60 miles above Berkeley city. Resolution

# 61744 also called on the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate to enforce and the USA President
to immediately signature and enforce the Space Preservation Act. Congressman Kucinich is gaining rising

the popularity across the U.S., even in the world. He along with colleagues from the preservation agreement

sky will determine permanent restriction on all of the space-based weapons, using the weapons that can destroy and damage objects in the space in the orbit, and will stop the research, testing, development, deployment, and production of all the space-based weapons permanently .

The above is the fact of the resolution # 61744 and Berkeley as the first city free of chemtrails. Actually, this resolution could be applicable in your city anywhere in USA and the world. You can find your city council members to be like Dennis Kucinich and your city will have the rules to be weapon-free zones as Berkeley. If you do not know about the subject of chemtrails then you should first know that it came from the chemtrail spraying operations were introduced in late 1997.

You can find the reality of chemtrails by reading on the internet, go out of the house, and look to the sky above your head. You’ll be surprised to find that the sky conditions in accordance with what you have read and the photos you have seen on the internet. Maybe you just know this phenomenon as the exhaust of the jet because there really is a propaganda site which convince you that everything is going well and you do not need to worry because it will fade in the horizon through cirrus clouds. You will be disappointed to know that chemtrails are toxin-laden aerosols and they are not sprayed. That’s just for reasons of national security.

Chemtrails most constant occurred in the North America, most of western Europe, Japan, and Korea. China is the exception because the NWO is preparing it to be the world’s leading countries like the United States both militarily and economically. There are methods that can neutralize chemtrails and return the sky to the normal blue color, with a real cloud. Device “chembusters” was found in early 2002. That could neutralize the toxic elements in chemtrails. Chembusters transmutes the atmosphere energy of polarity (DOR) which makes the chemtrails persist and the polarity of orgone (OR) to disperse the poison.

There are many reports, which stated that the impact of the pathogen / toxin flushing cause people with an average of immunity to respiratory symptoms, pain that always comes after the repair, even some people to die. There are many stories about the chemtrails in the community as a weak reduction in the population, vaccine protection for certain ethnic groups, even as a tracking ID. Whatever it is, The things you should do is make regulations for the zone free of weapons such as Berkeley as the first city free of chemtrails.



The First City Free of Chemtrails

written by: Maggie

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 Posted on : April 15, 2012
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  1. I am not shure adout SAG free, it still looks like its still chemed out.SAG means STRATUSFERIC AEROUSAL GEOENGINEERING……

    1. sky Chemtrail says :

      Lisa Thanks for let’ us know, there are a secret power than control the government (NWO) that even they don’t respect the agreements of the law

  2. Read the Research on the disease causing nanotechnology pathogen:

    This is BioWar!
    The toxic brew of metal thriving mycotoxins, other pathogens, freeze dried redblood cells, and radioactive heavy metals precipitate like rain out of the chem cloud and blows in the jetstream such that the ENTIRE earths atmosphere has been augmented and all inhabitants exposed. This is largescale biowar. However, the more free zones we have the better and hopefully one day the whole earth will be free of weapons of mass destruction. disarmament and peace talks is the aim.
    Furthermore, we must always hold the dream, fight for what is right, seek to hold criminals accountable, and continually work to protect Mother Earth and Inhabitants.
    Until justice is served we must take extra good care to detox, stay away from GMO’s, chelate, and drink our cilantro juice (it’s a major chelator and blood protectant) and keep our spirits up. Stay connected to one another. For it is LOVE that conquers hate.

  3. Federica says :

    we contact you from Italy, we have the BIG problem about chemical trails.
    Some people know about this but we don’t know how stop this huge movement.
    Have you some advice for us?
    Thank you.

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