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Chemtrails-what-really-does-go-on-in-the-skies-300x191 Chemtrails – What Really Does Go On In the Skies?

Have you ever considered whether the apparently innocent white trails left behind by aircraft could be something more sinister than simple water vapor?

In 1996 an anonymous writer accused the US government of spraying the US population with mysterious substances from aircraft which left behind unusual contrails. Normally, vapor trails left by aircraft dissipate quite quickly, yet as many people had noted, these new “chemtrails” as they began to be known, often lingered in the skies and displayed unusual patterns. This led to various theories as to what exactly was being sprayed into the atmosphere and for what purpose.


Chemtrails-What-Really-Does-Go-On-In-the-Skies2-300x151 Many theories exist as to the purpose of chemtrails. Some people believe they are used for “weather control” in association with High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). HAARP’s official purpose is to investigate the potential for using the ionosphere to improve telecommunication and surveillance technology, although many people believe HAARP is used for weather modification.

Various natural disasters have been attributed to HAARP including earthquakes, tornadoes and floods. Exactly how chemtrails and HAARP are linked is open to debate, although conspiracy theorists believe that chemtrails are used to modify HAARP signals.

A second common theory is that chemtrails are part of a mass depopulation plan by either the US government or The New World Order. Toxic chemicals sprayed from the skies in an Orwellian attempt to reduce the world’s population however seem just a little too farfetched for many theorists. The mass depopulation theory has many flaws & dash; if chemtrails were for the purpose of reducing populations then they would more likely to be seen in heavily populated countries such as India, China or Africa rather than the United States and Europe. Would the perpetrators really sanction such as mass population control exercise putting their own families and colleagues at risk. It seems quite unlikely.

The use of chemtrails for genetic modification and inoculation is another possible theory. The effects that low level chemtrail spraying has on the population: headaches, flu like symptoms, dizziness, muscle pain, malaise are not unlike those experienced after inoculation. Genetically modifying humans to become stronger and more resistant to disease would have massive economic benefit to any government.

The exact chemical composition of the substances being sprayed is unknown, although several organic components have been identified. These include Mycoplasma Fermetens Incognitus which was the same substance identified in nearly 50% of veterans suffering from Gulf War syndrome. In addition red and white blood cells in a freeze dried form were identified in a sample submitted to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Several strains of Pseudomonas bacteria have also been isolated from chemtrail residue. These findings would be in line with some sort of mass inoculation or vaccination program. So, next time you are outside on a bright clear day, take a good look at those trails in the sky. If they take more than 3 hours to dissipate, appear in grids or x pattern and fall off in vertical curtains, the chances are they may not be so innocent after all.

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 Posted on : July 16, 2013
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  1. Kira Erikson says :

    Thanks for the great summary on what the chemtrails might be. Back in the mid-1980s I was engaged to a man with a high security clearance. He told me the U.S. government had a program for spraying biological weapons on the U.S. population. The reasoning at that time was that at low doses, the spraying would give the population a chance to create antibodies naturally. Unfortunately, shortly after he told me this, my fiancé, who was a very healthy athletic young man, suddenly got mysteriously ill and died from “natural causes.” I planned to write a book about what he was telling me and began investigating. I was told he was murdered with a biological weapon. At the time he was alive, there was an ongoing secret war within the U.S. government between two factions — those who were nationalists (like my fiancé) and those who preferred a secret one world government. Apparently the secret one world government people won the war by eliminating their competition in covert ways. In the 1980s, the Western one world govt. people had yet to connect with the Eastern (China) one world govt. believers. My best guess is that eventually these two groups did connect, and that, since the Chinese for countless generations have had a policy of eliminating their own citizens to limit population, the secret faction within the U.S. govt. has adopted the same policy.
    Most people doing the spraying may not know what they are spraying, or if they do, they just think they are innoculating the U.S. population, not ultimately killing them. As to the argument that people would not do dangerous mass spraying that would kill their own relatives: 1) There are only a handful of people involved at the top in this decision making and they approve of it because: a) most meglomaniacs lack empathy or concern for others, including their relatives; b) they realize the world population needs to be limited and they feel at least what they are spraying gives people a chance to live a normal historical lifespan, and God alone decides how big a dose of the spray you’re getting or how your DNA will react; c) they are targeting the spraying to affect people with only certain types of DNA; d) their loved ones live in remote areas and get their food from areas not being sprayed — such as special farms; e) as they know what is being sprayed, they can innoculate those they love; f) they’re very afraid of the people they’re working with — that if they disagree, that they’ll suddenly die of natural causes.

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