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chemtrails-the-war-over-our-skies-300x208 Chemtrails: The war over our skies

The date was October 6th, 2013 and the venue was the Californian coast.
In the afternoon of that day, between 4:00 pm and 6 in the evening, a spraying chemtrail that leaves large chemical in its wake is observed.
Normal clouds formed naturally are quite differentI

Can recall back in the day when I was still childish, and I went out in the grass and lay down for countless hours just enjoying the spectacle of watching the clouds… There were big white clouds that appeared to take the shapes of animals such as dogs, bears and horses. I was able to use my own imagination. 

Unlike today’s children, won’t see clouds in their natural state, today the clouds that were formed from chem-bombs and chemtrails.

To me, I thought this was normal until such a time when I decided to check the difference in the internet. As I found out, there is a marked difference between chemtrails and contrails. However, in the Q&A sections which basically serve to answer people’s queries, I found that some people were still denying the existence of chemtrails. It would be safe to assume that these people who continuously deny the existence of these chemtrails have been paid to deny them.

Unfortunately for them, people have woken up, and know better in terms of the truth.

chemtrail-octuber-6-north-san-diego-300x225 As I was saying, it was roughly 4.00 o’clock and the venue was Northern parts of San Diego. I spotted giant clouds forming.

They formed in a central place after which, in less than an hour, they had spread out and grown tremendously.
The fact that the cloud covered roughly 45% of San Diego sky was enough to alarm me that this was no ordinary cloud formation.

They are implementing a new way through which to spread chemtrails as well as chem.-bombs. Apart from just the Chem-bombs, this time round, the aircrafts also left in its wake chemical trails that showed both the northern and southern sections of the rainbow hues. “The color of the rainbow is because it has been mixed with a chemical called ethylene dibromide”This chemical, even in just trace quantities, can cause cancer.
This was approximately by 5 o’clock in the afternoon. After that, something very interesting happened, which I can just call war-like wings. At about, I made my way to 7 eleven so that I could buy myself a couple of soft drinks. Through the corner of my eye, I could see that a very white chemtrail was beginning to form in the southern part of the horizon. However, what struck me most was the fact that at this time, there was actually no air plane (see the photo below)

chemtrail-by-ufo-300x171 Using my camera’s zoom feature, I was able to take some photos, and to my utter consternation, I realized that the chemtrails actually formed from nothing. Also, like I said, there was no Airplane at that moment, although the chemtrails continued to form from southern part of horizon, continuing non-stop to the place where my view could reach the northern part of the horizon.

The observation of chemtrails revealed that it could not have been possibly formed by a airplane since Humans it didn’t have the technology that would allow it to spray over 100 miles without refilling.
That being said, it is only an alien technology that was capable of spreading chemicals of this magnitude without anyone noticing, given that there was no airplane in a 100-mile radius.
After 15 minutes had elapsed, and over Escondido city, not far from chemtrails left behind by the UFO…

chemtrail-spray-without-airplane-300x181 I saw a real plane leave the chemtrail. I then made another discovery of, and this was a black chemtrail  spraying jus above imperial valley  California (check the photo).
However, this spreading of chemtrails has prevented chemtrail effects from being applied to the skies.
& this day 10-08-13 in the morning we have clean sky thanks to haven thanks to the force that are protect us.  Just for you information   next time that you ll’ See through chemtrail a“ rainbow”   it happens because it contains Dibromoethane if you can run away or use masks is very dangerous if you breathe.

black-chemtrail-300x183 While world leaders are engaged in a never-ending war in a bid to control the humanity by making us their slaves by using synthetic biology and Geo-engineering, there is evidence of a supernatural force  is keep on preventing the global ruling elite from completely controlling our world.
Author: Bernabe Arias •  Revised by: Michael Apel Jonathan

September 2015 Post update a video where you see the invisible UFO applying Chemtrails

Invisible UFO spreading chemical over the sky from Bernabe Arias on Vimeo.


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 Posted on : October 12, 2013

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      I always tell the truth in simple, uncomplicated. kindergarten child understand that,
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