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Chemtrails The True About Global Warming Chemtrails The True About Global Warming

•To what extent is global warming real?
Why is it that in some places of the world it rains extremely, and others suffer an alarming drought?
What are the reasons of global warming?

Is the application of chemtrails to the atmosphere truly helping to block global warming?
Or is there perhaps a dark agenda… that’s selling us the idea of global warming to continue spreading chemtrails?


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The natural cycle of water, a solution to global warming

Global warming is really simple to understand yet it’s been sold to us as a problem to create a reaction, and then they show us the solution. (Problem, reaction and solution)
The reality is as simple and easy to understand as a kindergarten lesson, you probably remember when we were taught and did drawings in pre-school about “the water cycle.”

The sun warms the earth, such heat evaporates the water thus creating clouds – when a cold air stream arrives, the evaporated water condenses, which is when water falls as rain.
Let’s review for a second time the water cycle, a simple but important lesson to not let ourselves be manipulated by the mass media.

The sun radiates light, which is converted into heat by the atmosphere, the heat evaporates the water which condenses into rain by a cold air stream.

Through this wisely designed process, nature creates life in abundance, it’s worth mentioning that high mountains are a natural process to obtain this vital liquid, the water falls as snow or rain forming rivers and water streams, along the way water passes through rocks to mineralize itself, this way we’d supposedly obtain mineralized water, which is the type of water we’d drink to stay healthy but we all know that the rivers are polluted and instead of protecting these natural resources they’re even more contaminated. Since it’s not cost effective to protect these natural resources, large corporations are created to sell packaged water.

Sorry for digressing a bit but I’m trying to make people aware with easy to understand explanations, simplicity is a great tool when you don’t have or don’t want to waste resources

Humans we have a tendency to complicate everything, either to create certain status or so that not everyone can understand it easily.
The 4 elements of earth: fire, water, air and earth are formed to create life… A comprehensive balance makes possible the existence of life on the planet.
In each reaction there’s a solution, nature is wise and provides a solution to each problem
Problem ==> WARMING… Because of warming, we’re supposed to have a greater amount of evaporated water in the atmosphere, this water will be condensed by a stream of cold air, result rains, with these rains the earth gets cold. The balance of the 4 natural elements (earth, fire, water and air) allows the natural cycle and allows a stable climate on earth. A person with common sense could easily understand.


crossing-the-desert-300x164 In ancient times, merchant busloads crossing the desert used to cover themselves with thick clothes, we might think it was stupid and if we were to cross those deserts we’d do it in shorts and light shirts so the heat leaves our body … ERROR
Indeed, these people covered themselves with thick clothes so that their body sweated while protecting from sunlight, we know that sweat is water, that water was withheld to not lose fluids and cool their bodies, thus they didn’t lose large amounts of water, they were wisely repeating – at a smaller scale, the natural cycle of wise nature.

chemtrailand the global warmin Is the application of chemtrails to the atmosphere the solution against global warming?

It has been repeated thousands of times, over and over again, that chemtrail and contrail are not the same
A plane’s contrail disappears in less than a minute.
But a chemtrail is a spread chemical contrail, which instead of disappearing tends to stay for hours and even expand. This is a verifiable, irrefutable fact, just watch the skies to notice.

These chemicals have been spread into the atmosphere in such a grotesque way that if you take the time to observe our sky, you can tell – even in cloudless days, how the deep blue color we used to see before is lost.

When you travel by plane, pay some attention to look out the window, you’ll notice some difference in the atmosphere near the ground, you’ll notice a whitened blue color – that’s the part where it has been spread, the top of our atmosphere still retains that deep blue color.

What occurs when these chemicals have been spread in the sky? If you look carefully, you’ll notice how instead of dying, they increase and cover large areas for hours, these chemtrails use moisture from the atmosphere to spread. I repeat, these chemtrails absorb moisture from the atmosphere to expand. That humidity is WATER, this process is disrupting the natural cycle of water.
Natural water is an inescapable element for life and conservation of the species in our home called earth.

will continue in the next chapter…

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