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chemtrails-the-dark-agenda-of-synthetic-biology-300x214 CHEMTRAILS: THE DARK AGENDA OF SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY

The world around us is changing and this changes is visible in the skies, water, and trees. What we don’t realize is that this changes signifies the death of natural life as we know it since ages.
However, the real questions is, are we affected by this change? and to what extent? The answer to the first question is, yes. For the answer of second question, keep reading.
The Secret Dark Agenda of SYNTHETIC BIOLOGY


The blue skies are no-longer blue as it used to be in the past. The main reason for this are the chemtrails that are formed, which look like clouds in color, but in every other way they are different. Usually there are five types of materials that are found in environment samples from air, water, and soil. These five materials are: Metallic Salts, Fibers/Filaments, barium & aluminum The samples of air prove that the metallic particles have increases their presence and this has affected the neutrality of air, thus making it conductive.

This change is visible in the soil and water on the ground, as these metal oxides are falling with rain on the surface of earth. The concentration of various metals have reached thousand times higher than the acceptable limits in various natural environments. This is effecting the trees, as their immunity against outside infections is decreasing. It’s killing the nature, as we know it.

Genetically Modified Trees

The solution offered by the science for this problem is, genetically modified trees. These trees are non-reproductive, is not effected by birds, animals, or insects, has low wood fiber, doesn’t blossom, produces more pulp, and is easy to cut.

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The samples from air show that existence of fibers that are unidentifiable. These samples are not part of the nature and have no record in any databases of any laboratory. There are many people who are experience “Morgellons Syndrome.” In this condition, patients develops lesions on their skin that ooze and produce fibers. The samples of tissue taken from ordinary people, who have no signs of this syndrome, confirm the existence and growth of these fibers in them.

The biological life is divided in to three kingdoms: Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. These fibers look like bacteria, have strength of archaea, and are self-replicating. This combination is never found in natural world. Therefore, it’s man-made. This could be the start of trans-biology in us, as we now have all the forms of biological elements inside our body.

Nano Technology

The answer to the mystery of these unidentifiable fibers lies in the understanding of Nano technology. Because the careful study of these fibers have shown the presence of red blood cells in them of the size of a sub-micron. The nanotechnology pyramid has the following structure: Materials, Structures, Processes, and Devices. Therefore, there is a huge possibility that these fibers are Nano technology materials, which have been induced in our body structure, which would eventually become part of a process to make us work like a device.

There are tests that prove these fibers grow much faster when subjected to blue light wavelength. We are always under the influence of much higher levels of frequencies.


People like Ray Kurzweil are predicting that Nano technology would help in creating superhuman of the future. Is there a link? If yes, at what price? The general perception is that it ends up at two things, power and control. This would allow more people to have more power, but they would lose control over their lives. So, synthetic biology surely has a dark agenda of controlling the human race of the future.

written by: heminjie2

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 Posted on : August 21, 2013

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