Why-are-there-more-Chemtrails-than-clouds-in-our-skies-300x189 Why are there more Chemtrails than clouds in our skies?

Question by scottanthonydavis: Why there are only clouds chemtrails in our skies?
When the flight patterns of these aircraft releasing chemtrails investigated the FAA say they have no information on flight schedules in that particular ship in the sky at that moment. But Therefore, it is a flight of Government. With many of these chemtrails that furrow our skies can not go to any independent, direct sample right at the very chemtail for testing? not the contrails are as short stay duración.

Those chemtrails all day and spread across the sky for hours and hrs. that, what are exposed to society? What are we breathing? What is raining down on our bodies? It’s time we had answers reales Some responses are funy Not body mentions the fact that there have been studies on these particles of chemtrails in fact.

The same study was out in France and the particles at the molecular level show identical.Lo these studies have shown is that these are biological nano-bio-tech fibers that bind to human cell tissues and other living things as plants. Also has been linked to the cause of the disease Mergellon. Sorry – that was the answer Morgellon disease

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  1. I’m not really sure what you are questioning.

    It has already been established that we have a pollution problem.

    What is this about goverment flights?? I do not see the relevance.

  2. I’m not really sure what you are questioning.

    It has already been established that we have a pollution problem.

    What is this about goverment flights?? I do not see the relevance.

  3. I am a certified pilot who flies from Norway over several European countries. (My avatar is a photo of myself in my own Kitfox aircraft). If there was such a thing as chemical contrails (chemtrails) then it would not involve only the government of the US but also of all the nations in the world because those cloud formations can be observed anywhere on earth. That is maybe pushing the conspiracy theory a bit too far, don’t you think?
    Have you heard the old maritime adage: “Mackerel skies and mare tails make tall ships carry little sail?”
    ‘Mare tails’ or tail-like cirrus are exactly what ‘chemtrails’ are; icy clouds that are torn away by shear winds ahead of a frontal low pressure.

  4. I highly doubt that the government is gonna take responsibility or give out any kind of information. You’re not the only one who questions this. These are not the normal vapor trails. Are we being contaminated or immunized? They’ve always kept us uninformed or misinformed so don’t expect a real answer now. Now that there’s medical cures and the population has increased they’re gonna have to solve this problem somehow…..who knows?

  5. You are correct: Loved the bogus pilot comment, very funny.

    Results below

    Chemtrail – Morgellon’s research

    Future research will determine the life expectancy or degradation properties of nanotubes, nanofibers, and nanowires within humans, plants, and/or animals as related to their environment. In addition, the mechanism of “pseudo” hair and/or the general properties of nanotechnology structures found within humans, plants or animals may be may also be expressed as nanorobotic machines. Further investigation as to the comprehensive bio-nanotoxicological effects of any nanotechnology when exposed to the life forms discussed in this paragraph must be tested not only for their mechanocompatability properties, but for their acute, chronic and systemic toxicological effects upon the human body. The samples discussed in Phase I, II, III-A and III-B are made from man-made nanomaterials and are definitely nanotechnology. The specimens that were from individuals who have the disease Morgellons, do have various forms of nanotechnology (nanotubes, nanofibers, nanowires, or silicon gel/shapes) within their bodies. These materials were designed for a specific purpose and function, which is currently not known but will be understood by all in the near future.

  6. It is a way to slowly force a left turn in the evolution of mankind. Over the years mankind has polluted his planet with toxins of varying degrees and those in the “know” have figured out that our time is numbered. To counteract what is believed will happen in the future, the governments of the world (most of) have devised a plan that will secretly mutate the human gene sufficiently enough over the next multitude of years so that mankind may have a fighting chance at survival.

    Things are being kept secret to not panic the population of the world, to not deter couples from procreating, and most of all to prevent the populace from seeking answers and atonement from their government leaders.

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 Posted on : July 7, 2013
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