What-is-a-chemtrail-300x188 What is a chemtrail?

Question by Raul Duke.:What is a chemtrail?
No trails. CHEMTRAILS, how is that no one would have exposed this? Are remote air craft? Pilots think they are doing something else? How is that not everyone is sick, if that is so


  1. It is a supposed method of spreading chemicals over a large area. Specifically, using commercial and military aircraft to dispense some chemical agent or another and disguising the dispersal as normal contrails.
    It is almost certainly nonsense, as dispersal by this method would be laughably inefficient, but it remains a conspiracy popular with the Art Bell black helicopter crowd.

  2. A contrail is the exhaust that come out of airplane jets, and dissipates immediately.

    Chemtrails look like contrails initially, but are much thicker, extend across the sky and are often laid down in varying patterns of Xs, tick-tack-toe grids, cross-hatched and parallel lines. Instead of quickly dissipating, chemtrails expand and drip feathers and mare s tails. In 30 minutes or less, they open into wispy formations which join together, forming a thin white veil or a “fake cirrus-type cloud” that persists for hours.

    The fact that this happens indicates that there is dust sized partials present. Unlike contrails that are primarily water vapor.

    Test have shown that chemtrails contain a varying makeup. Of any combination of aluminum, lead, barium, mercury and other heavy metals. Along with bacteria and infectious diseases.

    Much of the time the existence of this anomaly is denied by the U.S. Government. However KSLA News 12 of Shreveport, LA discovered chemtrails are even mentioned by name in the initial draft of HR 2977 back in 2001, under the Space Preservation Act. But the military denies any such program exists.

  3. The Chemtrail CONSPIRACY THEROY claims that some trails left behind jet aircraft are different in appearance and quality from those of normal contrails, may be composed of harmful chemicals, and are being deliberately produced, and covered up by the government. These unusual trails are referred to as “chemtrails” (a portmanteau of “chemical trails”).
    This is just Sombodies Idea of a far fetched Plan to Scare you. and there is no such thing.
    The Closest thing to an actual Chemtrail is the pesticides and herbasides sprayed from Crop Dusters or Fire retardent from an aircraft during a Fire Fighting Opperations and training.
    for proof Evergreen Airlines for the past 10 years has been Experimenting with Large aircraft such as the DC-10, 747,767, 737 & the 707 for Fire Fighting and the training is done at High Altitude to familierize the Pilots with the Weight and ballance differences as they dump there load of Fire retardent. and as you may or may not know Fire retardent can be of several colors from bright orange to a brown color
    The military has also been experimenting with Fire Fighting Applications for many years aswell.
    Evergreen Airlines has recently suspended there opperations due to FAA entanglements regarding there through hull fiting not meeting requirements and that the trials were costing to much money not to have aproval from the FAA.
    The military still continues there training and expiermentation with this type of application.
    It has nothing to do with trying to spread Bilogical warfare agents over the U.S. and all fuel dumping or any other hazardous matrerial is prohibited over U.S. Airspace.

    In Addition Chemtrails(Contrails) have been recorded throughout the history of jet plane travel. Many reports exist from World War II of situations where the accumulations of contrails have been so extensive, that pilots were unable to keep visual contact with neighbor or enemy planes during combat. Chemtrails (Contrails) have been recorded from the Sahara Desert to the South Pole indicating that contrails are not constrained to only populated regions of the Earth.

    CONTRAILS Affect on Weather

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 Posted on : July 7, 2013
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