What-exactly-is-it-that-chemtrails-are-spraying-over-all-of-us-300x141 What exactly is it that chemtrails are spraying over all of us?

Question by Think4UrSelf: Which is exactly what chemtrails being sprayed on us all?

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Ask our government and see if they will tell you

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  1. chem-trails are not contrails. a contrail is just vaporized air exiting the turbine jet as it exits it freezes into ice crystals .that’s the trail but it soon evaporates .Chem trails are ALUMINIUM dioxide and barium salts . I live in so cal and watch those jets fly and spray all the time.The government has even admitted that they have been doing this 1996 But of course they claim there helping to fight global warming. Dont take my word for it .Theres many sites dedicated exposing there lies.go to californiaskywatch.com . infowars.com. just type in chem trail on youtube.those 2 chemicals there spraying on us have been linked to Alzheimer’s and sterilization .Just like fluoride .Kinda sounds like nazi hitler stuff.But our government would never do anything like that!! check out the US naval building in san diego ca .on google earth .the building from an ariel veiw is a perfect swastikaca .Im not kidding either .And nobody can say that the builder didn’t know .So great our navy uses nazi logo for there building and the army building or pentagon is really a pentagram Satan’s logo

  2. Now you know why Al Gore would get so mad that people didn’t believe him about global warming. HE KNOWS what they’ve been spraying! We all know there is no global warming in the Natural. BUT what we have going on here is a bunch of secret order people that worship Lucifer. They are going to bring and end to America as we know it. All for their NWO. They also want to kill off about 80% of the world population. The NWO goals are printed on the NWO Stones outside of Atlanta. And to prove they have a wicked sense of humor, they put the stones in a town that makes the most TOMBSTONES!! Any questions?

    • There is a battle now The secret power that control the economy is now choosing china to lead the NWO since united states create a new law against to the dark power (NESARA) make a few searches at Google. The keyword is “Nasara law”

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 Posted on : July 7, 2013
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