How-do-you-feel-about-companies-or-the-govt-being-able-to-manipulate-the-weather-via-cloud-seeding-300x187 How do you feel about companies or the govt being able to manipulate the weather via cloud seeding? “Chemtrail”?

And for those who do not have information on how the process works, visit Website Weather Modification ©, Inc. ‘s and learn … En even have a pilot. … So, now that you are aware that we have the power to mitigate hail, rain increase or decrease, and disperse the fog, how do you feel? “Our talented scientists, researchers, project managers, technicians and pilots are experience needed to carry out an efficient, effective time.  What can you worried that chemicals rained without our knowledge? Should we be concerned?

Best answer: True American
This is what happens when you let liberals in government.
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  1. Don’t forget water-fluoridation.

    Forced medication to keep us fat, stupid, and apathetic.

    Fluoride was used as a treatment for hyperthyroidism to SLOW down your metabolism decades ago.

    Now it’s being added to our water to turn us into stupid sheep.

  2. Thanks for posting some credible links. Anytime I talk with people about this I only have youtube vids to show. To know there is a company that supplies such “services” helps in raising awareness amongst the sheep. Have a star!

  3. Seeing that many consider those who criticize or expose these programs conspiracy theorists, (I’ve been accused of wearing tin-foil hats many times) let’s explore the rest of the agenda – what about Monsanto and the genetically altered seeds which have the capability of destroying all natural plants, leaving only those grown by massive conglomerates as the food supply. Couple this with their ability to control rainfall to certain areas, and to control the moods of the population through chemtrails, you have the skeleton of global government manipulation of the masses. They decide who eats what, and who is agitated enough to riot so that Martial Law can be enforced, and then who becomes passive and apathetic as they tighten their grip on humanity.

    I don’t care if people say these all are conspiracy theories. They also said that Obama wasn’t a puppet of the global elite, but a moderate who would unite the country and bring prosperity. There is no doubt that every one of his policies, and those of Bush and Clinton before him, are just groundwork for the destruction of the US as a free nation, and the promotion of the globalists’ dream of complete control.

  4. Currently there are no laws preventing private companies from engaging in weather modification, in fact THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE TO TELL THE PEOPLE in the areas where they are doing it!

    One of the controversies over this is due to the agricultural industry. You can’t cause artificial increases of precipitation in one area without taking precipitation AWAY from other areas. This can cause unpredictable effects, droughts, etc.

    This is something people need to learn about on their own, because they are certainly not being told about it. Some of the heavy metals being used (i.e. barium) are so dangerous to human life, it is absolutely mind boggling that this practice is not illegal.

    This kind of research has been going on for decades and I am pretty tired of people rolling their eyes when you bring it up. It’s not like it’s a big secret.

    Only thing is, when the Air Force talks about it, or when the subject is taught in universities, they don’t call it “chem trailing.” They call it names like “atmospheric aerosol release.”

    If you say “chemtrail,” you are insane. Even though we’re all talking about the same thing.

    So everyone who tries to learn about it by Goggling “chemtrails” is using the wrong search terms. If you want to read the actual white papers, you have to use the scientific terminology.

  5. This stuff is Soon lAst Century!

    To be up with the times you might want to check out HAARP at: . Just click on the HAARP link at the very top of the Home Page.

    HAARP is mainly working on creating most of the major earthquakes around the world, including the Big One in China a year or so ago, the major quakes in Indonesia, and more. Recently HAARP was pointed in my direction, accounting for the several hundred daily quakes we have been receiving since HAARP was pointed this way. (SoCal and Baja, Mexico).

    YES, the govt loves to tamper with the weather, reality, this dimension and others … they are like school kids playing with new toys.

    The damage from the flu shots is WAY worse than anything you’ll get from the chem-trails and lets not forget the death rate from all the salt and sugar in the processed and canned foods, (SUGAR in cans of peas for example), and the wave of obesity related to it across the USA, Europe, and elsewhere.

    And YES, we SHOULD be concerned, but on a MUCH grander level than you suggest. The Bilderberg society just recently had a meeting in NY and discussed the NECESSITY to LIMIT the world population from 6 Billion to ONE BILLION in the next few years in order to match our dwindling food supplies around the world.

    And what about the Monsanto Genetically engineered crop seeds that are being FORCED on Iraq and are slowly entering the USA seed arsenal.

    We’ve got a LOT more to worry about than chem-trails … not to say we shouldn’t worry about those as well.

    I AM

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 Posted on : July 7, 2013
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