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what-is-the-purpose-of-chemtrails-300x189 Question by Jonathan:What is the purpose of Chemtrails?
I know the difference between contrails and Chemtrails .. I saw a video where a man had noticed patterns in the sky chemtrails º above where he lives. So I took a bunch jars to collect any substance that would fall due to the chemtrails. The bottles were collected concetrations barnium high. Chemtrails are used for depopulation? Can anyone elaborate the purpose of chemtrails Best Answer :
Answerby XdeannaXdestructionX
illumanti want to depopulate the world.
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  1. Google had nothing on barium, (unless you meant PT BARNUM or something) so can you elaborate on what that is…cause I think the Freemasons control google or something and are trying to hide the truth from us,lol

  2. Only two types of people actually believe in chem trails.

    1) Delusional people
    2) People stupid or gullible enough to believe the delusional people

    A basic understanding of meteorology completely dispels 99.9% of your so called “proof”. A basic understanding of aviation and science disproves the rest.

  3. to eradicate morons.

    not enough of them, yet.

    if you believe in chemtrails due to videos on youtube, i am sure you believe in minecraft zombies, too.

  4. You can not “know the difference between contrails and chemtrails” if chemtrails do not exist. This alleged test that this alleged “some guy” did doesn’t exactly seem to scientific. Yahoo doesn’t allow me enough space to list the flaws in his methodology.

    Let us think about this rationally for just one moment. What would the purpose of “chemtrails” be? Are there better, more efficient ways of achieving this goal such as contaminating the food or water supply instead of just randomly spraying stuff in the jet stream?

    The real purpose of chemtrails is to support the delusional ramblings of conspiracy nuts to whom this is like a religion. It gives them a sense of power, of worth, of importance to think they are privvy to “secret information” which the unwashed masses of sheeple either don’t know or are too stupid to realize. It provides a sense of purpose in what otherwise seems a pointless and lonely existence.

    But that doesn’t make any of it real.

  5. Contrails are one thing, chemtrails are another.
    Both do exist.
    We all know how and why contrails are formed.
    Chemtrails are liquids released from an airplane tank while flying.
    I am not a theory conspiracist. Agriculture spraying is also a form of chemtrails usage.

    What irritates me the most is that people think regular contrails are always some kind of a chemtrail.
    Conspiracy version of chemtrails may exist, but until proven, I’ll stick to the contrail version.

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 Posted on : July 6, 2013
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